There is no longer Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative




Did the presidential election encourage you? Christians should be encouraged by the concern for the character and moral reflection of the candidates vying for the office of President of the United States in the recent election.

Over the last six presidential elections I can not remember a time seemingly marked by more comments relating to the candidates character which seemed to overshadow even the statements of policy they would enact should they be elected.

Character, integrity, and moral compass are crucial indicators of a person’s future actions. Did you think as you read just now I was referring to the Democratic or Republican candidate? The answer is both plus the independent candidates.

Followers of Christ are called to remember if you were baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:27) you are neither Jew or Greek, male or female, conservative or liberal, black, Asian, or white, or Democrat or Republican.

As Timothy Merrill said, “What matters is that we’re citizens of another country, with a different agenda and different mission. We are ambassadors for a Regent, and this transcends whatever is happening politically in the United States of America.”

Discouragement enters when Christ followers forget who really reigns—Jesus. God puts people in power and removes them from power. God promises to take whatever they do and work it together for the good of those who love Him.

It may take generations to understand his workings. It may take until we enter heaven. Faith, however, is not conditional upon understanding.

Is there an additional option to preening or protesting following last weeks elections? Yes. Paul writes in his first letter to Timothy urging “intercession and thanksgiving be made for…all those in authority”.

This is extraordinary considering Nero was the Roman emperor. This cruel and demented ruler used Christians as the scapegoat for the fire that destroyed Rome; a fire he likely was responsible for. Even as fellow believers were butchered, burned, or fed to lions, they were encouraged to pray for government leaders.

Prayer would help restore the peace and calm enjoyed before persecution. Prayer, even more importantly, would help lead others to find and follow Jesus Christ as friend, counselor, and savior. In addition, they would then receive the Holy Spirit as the first fruit of their salvation and to enable their complete restoration from sinner to saint.

The instruction to pray for those in authority are but one example of Paul’s encouragement to pray. His words highlight “for all people”.

Constant prayer is a powerful weapon against Satan’s deception and domination. It tills the ground for the seeds of true reverence, serious purpose, and moral earnestness affecting not just a person’s private life, but their public faith.

The election is over. Now is the time to work together and pray together! Forget the labels. Pray. God is in control.

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