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The distinguished writer Oliver Wendell Holmes received a lesson in humility one day from an unlikely source. He was out for a stroll, and a little girl overtook him. They walked together for a time. When the girl mentioned it was time to go home, he said, “Tell your mother, when she asks you where you’ve been, that you’ve been out walking with Oliver Wendell Holmes.”

The little girl didn’t miss a beat. She turned to the famous jurist and writer and said, in all innocence, “When your folks ask you where you’ve been, tell them you were out walking with Mary Susanna Brown.”

Once we can get the titles and pretensions out of the way, the real human encounter, one heart meeting another, becomes a reality. Every soul desires it. It is a fruit worth cultivating—together.

The beginning of school signals for many the end of summer and the beginning of new challenges, new opportunities, and new beginnings. Individuals gather into classes and classes into schools. Persons instinctively sense they can go farther together than solo. Our hearts desire companions on the journey.

Newcomers to the community often look for a new church home, a place that draws them closer to Jesus and helps them become more like the Master. Sadly, the search can overlook the value of different approaches and gifts. The goal ceases to be about relationship and focuses on best. Who has he best youth group, children’s ministry, small group ministry, community outreach, worship team, preacher, or facility?

There are many great Christ like fellowships in Siloam Springs. The focus on some is outreach; helping more and more people fall in love with Jesus and commit to following him. For another it is making the Presence of Christ tangible in order to bring hope to the hopeless, healing for the broken, and family to the fatherless. One church put it this way, “to be Jesus with skin”. This community does not need another event. Finally, one fellowship said they would like for everyone to have a tee shirt emblazoned with the words “Regardless who wins the White House, Jesus is still King”.

Yes, we have some great Christian churches. Where is God calling you to lend a hand? Which fellowship can help you be most like Jesus for the sake of others? Imagine if our town only had one teacher, one EMT specialist, one doctor, or one friend. No one can fill everyone’s needs. God gives different gifts and different tasks to people and fellowships to build the body of Christ. God is counting on us to work together in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit because we love Him.

Commit to a team. Get off the sidelines. Suit up. Run onto the field. Together our community of faith wins. God rejoices and those who live around us are blessed.

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