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Communal laziness abounds

Sharing life with others is a universal desire although the number of people at any given time and the amount of time expended in such endeavors fluctuates widely from person to person. Strange it is that such a strong universal … Continue reading

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Friendship: The New Idolatry

Mark Rutland, twice a college president, said that friendship was today’s American idol. We are familiar with the television show, but Mark is describing something else. What? describes an idol as “any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, … Continue reading

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Belgium, Rome, and You

  Team USA’s joyride in the World Cup came to an end last week. USA made it to the top 16 in Brazil but lost to Belgium 2-1. How many seasonal games did it take to reach the final 16? … Continue reading

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Which way do you turn?

Why would anyone who encountered God, his power, direction, and love turn away? Tough times come to us all. Some turn from God instead of turning in closer. The Hebrews did in Egypt and later in the wilderness. They told … Continue reading

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