Are we alone in the universe?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute’s Jill Tarter is using a growing array of radio telescopes to listen for patterns that may be a sign of intelligence elsewhere in the universe.  She has devoted her entire career to the hunt and her work has affected nearly every aspect of this field. Currently, she serves on the management board overseeing a massive new instrument that will eventually include 350 antennas, each 6 meters in diameter. This telescope will increase the speed and the spectral range of the hunt for signals from other distant technologies by orders of magnitude.  The projects she has led are the most comprehensive ever undertaken even though they have yet to produce results.

Jill is not the only one wanting to know we are not alone in the universe. There is a difference in being alone and lonely.  Most humans seem to feel lonely, at least eventually, if they are not sure God exists.planets-cosmos

James Emery White of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary asks everyone to “Think of the Big Bang theory, arguably the leading hypothesis of the beginning of the universe.  Fine.  No problem.  But an argument against God?  Hardly.  Who made it bang?  And where did the stuff for that first bang come from?  It is nothing but arrogance to claim that studying physics or the origins of the universe alone qualifies you to draw conclusions about its meaning or purpose.”

God is real. God is here. The question of being alone in the universe and the existence of God has and will cause many to struggle.  The physical part of our existence is exactly that, partial.  It is not without evidence, however, that Christians believe in God’s existence even though they have never physically seen God the Father.

Some call it coincidence when a believer cannot pay a bill, they pray, and they receive a financial gift or refund in the mail, an expected bonus at work, or a refund so long overdue it had been forgotten. Christ followers call it a God-incidence.  Some call it sheer luck when a person prays for food or the safe return of a loved one and they receive their request.  Prayer has an effect, however, that has been scientifically documented.

A study published in “Rehabilitation Psychology” and conducted at Wayne State University in Michigan concluded that traumatic brain injury victims who feel closer to a higher power actually rehabilitate faster. Head researcher Brigid Waldron-Perrine said, “Feeling connected to a higher power positively impacted not only their feelings, but their functional outcomes, what they were able to do.”

Another example comes from the San Francisco General Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit. According to Danica Collins in her article “Fact or Myth: Are the Effects of Prayer Scientifically Proven to Lead to Healing?” “between August of 1982 and May of 1983, 393 patients in the Coronary Care Unit participated in a double-blind trial assessing the effects of prayer. Through random selection by computer, half the patients were designated to receive prayer and half were not. None of the patients had any way of knowing which group they’d been assigned to, or whether they would receive prayer or not. At the conclusion of the study, patients who had received prayer were healthier than those who had not. Compared to the control group, the prayed-for patients had less need for… CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation),  Mechanical ventilators, Diuretics,  or Antibiotics. Most importantly, the patients who were prayed for had fewer occurrences of a serious condition called pulmonary edema (which often leads to heart failure) and fewer deaths. According to the doctors at San Francisco General, the positive outcomes for those patients could only be attributed to the power effects of prayer.”

God told His followers in the Old Testament “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Jesus reaffirmed that promise when He said, “surely I am with you always”.

You are not alone!

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