Who will do “anything” for God?  Anything does not mean something wrong or harmful because God is holy, righteous, and just. Anything means anything, anytime.

Anything means actually doing what God says, not just saying, “I will”. Anything means not just doing what God calls a person to do, but doing it whole heartedly.


God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach in the hopes they would repent of their evil.  The result would be God would not destroy the city.  Jonah ran away from God. He wanted Nineveh destroyed. It was a great city in the Assyrian empire, an enemy of Israel.  Jonah was not willing to do “anything” for God, at first.

Running from God is eventually painful.  Jonah enjoyed a sunny cruise that sailed into a dark destroying storm. The result was him being swallowed by a whale.  In the midst of his agony he became willing to do “anything”.  Jonah’s willing whole hearted obedience resulted in one hundred and twenty thousand people being blessed and avoiding destruction.

The apostle Paul wanted to preach in what is Turkey today.  The Holy Spirit said, “No, that is not my plan for you”. Instead He directed him to preach in what, today, is northern Greece.  Paul was willing to do “anything” even when he did not understand why one thing was wrong and something else was right.

It did not take long for Paul to upset the status quo and get himself thrown into prison.  That was a quick result to his willingness to do anything for God.  Close on its heels was an earthquake and beginning of a saving relationship between Paul’s jailer, the jailer’s entire family, and Jesus Christ.

Neither wanted to do what God wanted them to do, though both tried to convince God what He should help them do. Resistance to God’s anything brings sorrow.  A heart felt willingness to do anything God asks brings blessing and avoids pain.

God knows what the right thing to do for ourselves, others, and Him is.  He leads us to it.  We often do not understand, yet the willingness to do “anything” leads to a satisfying conclusion whether the conclusion was foreseen, understood, desired or not on our part.

Anything is the right thing all the time in our relationship with and response to the heavenly Father.  It is a choice God will not force but waits patiently to come from our will and heart. Seriously.  Anything.

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