The Journey of Abandonment

Abandon yourself to God.  Making your dreams and desires secondary to God’s plan for you does not bring loss.  It is gain!

AbandonmentI remember watching my children be very active, tire, and look for Mom or Dad’s lap to crawl into.  What a satisfying feeling to be wanted, loved, and have the opportunity to wash them with love wave after wave even as they drifted into sleep after they burrowed close.  The quiet rhythmic breathing of their warm little body snuggled next to mine mirrored the pulsating prayers of thanksgiving and supplication for them to the Father.

“We, too, become tired, deadly tired, of ourselves, of others, of the world, of life, of everything!  Then it is blessed to know of a place where we can lay our tired head and heart, our heavenly Father’s arms, and say to him, ‘I can do no more. . . .May I lie here a while and rest?” says O. Hallesby in “Prayer”.

Abandonment.  When we abandon ourselves to the arms of God we gain far more than anything we could attain with a few extra minutes of physical toil or mental effort.  The Heavenly Father arms are always wide open. He longs for people to desire Him, to trust Him, to want nothing more than to rest in His embrace.  His plans are always to prosper us.  That may not be quickly nor easily discerned.  Occasionally, the personal benefit is the willing sacrifice for others we are willing to make because of love.  And, yes, sometimes the blessing of His plan is not fully realized until we arrive safely home in heaven.

An opportunity to experience relinquishment into the arms of God is present this Thursday.  It can be experienced alone in the midst of a group, or as part of the larger whole.  The choice is yours.  Yours, that is, if you choose to participate in the National Day of Prayer, May 2, from 12:00 to 1:00 in front of City Hall at the Presbyterian Church and from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in JBU’s Cathedral of the Ozarks.

Perhaps abandoning who you are, what you do, your dreams, your nightmares, and fears is too much for you today.  Then do the next one thing you can do. Follow as soon as possible with the next right thing.  Keep walking toward the goal of perfect love between yourself and your Maker.  He died to make that relationship possible.

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