Which is More Important in Construction; the Seen or Unseen?

The casual observer notices beauty more than functionality in a home. It is rare for someone to ask about the foundation of a building when they drive by.  The beauty of the windows is what catches their eye, not that they are single pane or double pane solar glazed energy efficient windows.  A residential home with metal two by fours is not something they would enquire about.  Unless a buyer was looking for a home in Florida they probably would not ask if the roof is stapled or connected to the walls; considerations that can mean the difference between a roof staying on during strong straight line or tornadic winds as well as those of a hurricane.  Nevertheless, what is not seen contributes far more to its durability in a storm and its longevity than the color of the brick and the style of the home. house framing

The principle remains constant whether building a home or a life.  What is unseen will reveal the quality of construction following a storm.  Sadly, the connection between life’s foundation and the finish work seems to be disintegrating.

Faith-based groups often are encouraged to remove references to God in order to qualify for federal funds.  If a faith-based group offers job training, urban renewal construction, or soup kitchens they may not teach their belief that the principles of hard work, generosity, self-sacrifice, or truth telling are rooted in the character of God and the DNA of His creation.  Will teaching the principles without their connection to God and His creation stand up to the storms of life?

The foundation of a home sits quietly below grade anchoring the house to the ground even as it keeps the structure from sinking into the ground. The foundation keeps the structure from being lifted or blown away by the elements.  Only when the foundation begins to fail are cracks in the floor or walls visible.  The damage is done by the time it is recognized there is a problem with the foundation.

God may be unseen, but He does exist.  In a scientific culture, some are reluctant to believe in a being they cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch.  However, the evidence for God is not dealt with in the laboratory, but in the courtroom.  It is difficult to generate proof of His existence, but there is ample evidence of His existence.  The Bible says “Ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” God is the first cause.  The world is far too intricate to have begun by chance.

The human race can accomplish some pretty astounding things.  After all, we are created in the image of the Creator.  Sadly, with the exception of Jesus Christ, all humans have exercised their desire to take God’s place by following their own desires even when those desires diverged from what God created us to do and the gifts He gave us to accomplish His wonderful plan for each life.  The big picture is that all the pain, all the evil, all the suffering in the world can be traced back to that original act of rebellion, which is commonly called the “fall” of the human race.

History demonstrates the inability of humans over a long period of time to flourish.  They may make scientific advancements, but the undermining of those accomplishments through greed, selfishness, lying, stealing, hatred and viciousness is ever present.  Virtue, if it is to last, must be tied to the unseen God of the Universe and enlarged by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Anything less is like the one who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrential rains struck it collapsed and its destruction was complete.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to inspect your life’s foundation and make sure everything built in 2013 strengthens the connection between God, self, others, and the creation.  God’s direction through the Bible and the Holy Spirit is a guide to our feet and sheds light on the path of life.

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