He knew the story but he did not know Jesus

“O Holy Night” is a beautiful Christmas carol which makes the heart glow.  The sense of wonder and peace it imparts to the soul make it a perennial favorite. The story of its origin is quite interesting. In 1847 a parish priest asked a French merchant and amateur poet to write a poem for the Christmas Eve worship service. The merchant, Placide Cappeau agreed to write a poem to Luke Chapter Two. The interesting thing, however, is Placide was not only not a Christian, but he was also known as a bit of a hell raiser. He was very far from God, didn’t go to church at all, but he was a good poet.

away-in-a-manger-king-size-bed-jesusPlacide wrote the poem on a business trip to Paris.  He loved it so much he asked his friend, composer Adolphe Adam, to match the words to music.  Adam was at the peak of his career and wrote the tune in just a few days.  Adam, like Cappeau, was not a Christian.

On Christmas Eve in Roquemaure the song received its premier. Its popularity raced from church to church.  A few years later when everyone realized who the two responsible for the song’s composition was, they said, “You’ve got to shut this song down!  By then, however, it was too late and the song remains massively popular.

Think about this for a moment. Non-Christians wrote  “O Holy Night”. What does that tell us? It tells us you can know the story of Christmas without knowing the Savior of the world. You can know the story without knowing the Savior.

Maybe it does not matter.  Or, maybe spending the time with a Wonderful Counselor and One who can bring peace to the mind, soul and, yes, even the body is just the gift you need. Everyone is busy, but perhaps, just perhaps spending the effort to become like this Mighty God described in the book of Isaiah could be the best buy of your life.

Get together with a Christian spiritual friend.  Attend a local house of worship. Enroll in an Alpha course or Perspectives class.  Pursue Him who formed you in your mother’s womb, called your name since birth, and loves you with a love that will not die no matter what you do.  Follow the example of the Wise Men of old who would not allow any obstacle to keep them from finding and bowing before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in Bethlehem.  Seek with all your heart to become like this Jesus.  When you do, you will become like the first twelve followers who changed the world.  Yes, Jesus Christ will change your world.  He will make your desert bloom and your life significant.  This could be your best Christmas ever.

In order to have life to the full forever, you must not only know the story; you must know and become like Jesus who was born in a manger and desires to bloom in your heart.

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