The Hot Sign is On

Is it possible to pass the Krispy Kreme store in Bentonville without looking to see if the “Hot” sign is on? Don’t you want to know if fresh hot plain doughnuts are coming off the line?  Oh my goodness the taste of hot Krispy Kreme’s is almost irresistible.  When the sign is on the car almost drives itself into the parking lot. Those sweet warm pastries melt in your mouth and tend to slid down to the waist line.

Each luscious circle contains 200 calories according to one source. But who can eat just one?  Two is minimum; while three are required to not walk away feeling the experience has been short changed. Sadly, a free doughnut is no longer offered to each person standing in line. The free doughnut enhanced the experience when the purchase was rung up.

At the end of creation God looked over His creation and declared it was all good.  Could He see far enough away to be sure doughnuts were included?  Absolutely!  He is all knowing and not bound by time.  What a relief to know Krispy Kreme’s are not a sin; unless, of course, they hurt one’s health.  A few people may not be able to eat even one, but for most it is the frequent one doughnut or the not too infrequent four to six that takes a little taste bud pleasure and turns it into gluttony or harming the body via a cholesterol binge or blood sugar surge.

Sin is sweet and tempting.  Sin “tastes good” now and looks good now.  Sadly, it is not so good later. Fill in the blank with your own temptation. What in your experience is good in and of itself, but has become painful or harmful to you because of its abuse by yourself or someone else?  Food, a gun, sex, driving an automobile, and playing cards are just a few of the items that can fill that blank.

Through Peter’s second book God tells us “For this very reason, you must make every effort to support your faith with goodness.”  What is goodness?  Study of the Scriptures will answer the question.  A vast number have learned in the school of hard knocks that knowledge is insufficient.  It must be paired with self-control.  Not just once, but again and again.  Such endurance is never easy.  Meeting regularly with God and others to be taught, reminded, encouraged, and held accountable all in the context of love is indispensable according to the first chapter of Peter’s second book.

You can’t control whether the “hot” sign is on, but you control the car. You may have Holy Spirit power steering, but the decision is your own. God has set a good course for you.  Will you co-pilot your life to those co-ordinates?

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