Safely Home

How important is it to find a spiritual/church home?

Zan W. Holmes writes of hearing the late Bishop Paul Martin tell of the time when he received a new church appointment early in his ministry. The congregation planned a reception for him on his first Sunday. During the reception, everyone came around to greet him except for one man who lingered in the rear of the room. After everyone else had greeted him, this man came forward and simply stood there. The future bishop asked him, ‘What do you do here?’ The layman said, ‘I look for the preacher’s weaknesses.’ And he added, ‘I’m good at it! But when I find them, that’s where I get beneath him, and then I lift him up.

Who do you know that is perfect?  It’s doubtful anyone needs someone to find fault and flaunt their weaknesses to the world.  But to have someone in your corner to identify a fault and minimize it is a rare but wonderful gift! Is that something you could do for another soul?

God intended the fellowship of a local church as an anchor to the soul, a place of instruction and camaraderie, and a launching pad. It is antithetical to the generally self-centered human life.  We tend to put off important things such as worship. We tend not to “do” much for God unless we link up with others.  There are many good church fellowships, many great followers of Christ, and many pastors who deeply love Christ and His people. You may have already found the church home that is right for you. It should be a safe place to grow in even as it is a risky place to hide from the world.  If not, start looking and don’t give up until you find the right one.

Once found, it is important to continue participating in the life of your church/spiritual home.  Paul addressed some Christians in his letter to the Hebrews who were not going to the church meetings. It seems some things really do transcend time. For whatever reason, these believers were trying to survive on their own.

“Don’t”, Paul said. To withdraw from corporate strength is to invite disaster, like a soldier in battle who lags behind the rest of his platoon and becomes an easy target. These words reveal that Christians are responsible for each other. Christians cannot be concerned just for their own spiritual well-being; they must also encourage others to keep fervent in their love and active in their service to God. Christ must not find us lax in our devotion and preparation.

A church home makes life better today and aids your future arrival safely home in heaven.

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