Life in Slow Motion

Slow motion is not the way most people describe the intensity of their life. Do you remember the incredible way “The Matrix” movie introduced the slow motion technique in 1999? Fight scenes between Neo and Agents are startling as the action is slowed to the point you can see a bullet and where it is going. Instead of the blur of a round kick you can appreciate the form and anticipate the contact.

What if we could do that with life?  Perhaps we can.  Jesus got up before dawn to be alone with God.  Surely He spent part of His time with the Father anticipating what might happen or how the day might unfold.  Did He ask how to handle a situation or person and when to preach, teach, counsel, or heal?  The indications are He did.  As watchers of the Matrix had time to see where the action was headed, how it was unfolding, and brood over the implications, so Jesus with God’s assistance was better prepared for the day’s action because He had, in essence, put the day in slow motion first.

Praying before the light of day is just too early for some.  Cold water, coffee, or just plain time is needed to adjust the mind from neutral to first gear thinking.  The slow motion effect employed in the recent television show “Unforgettable” is more appropriate to those more closely resembling night owls than early birds.  The lead character, Carrie Wells, scrutinizes a time and a place in her mind looking for details and meaning of past events she missed earlier or that were inconsequential at the time.

Whether you look forward to the day anticipating the action, or reflect back on experiences already lived, the intent is to see them with God the Father.  Ask Him, “What do I need to do?” Or, “Where do I need to clean up a mess I’ve made”, perhaps without even knowing i?  Maybe the question worth asking God is “What actions will be most profitable” or “How could I do that better next time”?

People want results fast, but the best results take time.  It is crucial to settle the issue in our heart that the time spent in reflection and the presence of the Father is worth the cost of time.  Otherwise, the currency of hours, minutes, and seconds given each day will be spent on some other pursuit.

Time flies. Children grow up overnight.  Opportunities slip through our fingers or are grasped firmly. Isn’t it time to put life in slow motion?

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